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Chock full of informative articles and information on flow technology and related, and some food for thought and just plain fun stuff.


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Flow Research has compiled a free CD called "Go with the Flow" that includes over 180 published and informative articles on flow and instrumentation. It also contains up-to-date information on our market studies.

To preview the contents of our CD, which has been updated to 2017, click here.

To request our free CD to be mailed to you, click here. Or, send an email to info@flowresearch.com.

Flow Research is pleased to present the latest edition of our Go with the Flow CD, chock full of informative articles on flow technology, related process instrumentation technologies and topics, and some food for thought and just plain fun stuff.

The Go with Flow Research – Articles & Studies section is an extensive collection of articles organized by technologies and topics. It also includes overviews of our related studies, and information about our other publications and services.

The Shades of Experience section provides a more philosophical perspective. Shades of Experience is a book by Jesse Yoder on philosophy, experience and language. Some of its main purposes are to explain the philosophy of viewpoint pluralism, discuss how people can increase their understanding by becoming more aware of previously unnoticed differences in their experience, and examine some of the dynamics of language and ways it can be used as a more powerful descriptive tool. According to viewpoint pluralism, our knowledge of a subject or object increases as we take additional viewpoints of it. Chapter One describes viewpoint pluralism, which is the philosophy that underlies the market research done at Flow Research.

Just for fun, we have included a Music section with two toe-tapping, flow-related songs we think you’ll enjoy — “Go with the Flow” and “King of Flow” — along with lyrics and artists’ background information.

We hope you’ll like this CD! We had a lot of fun putting it together. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


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